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August 11, 2022

This Week In Gang Land

Feds Plan To Use The Father's Last Words To Help Them Convict The Son Of His Murder

Gang Land Exclusive!Anthony ZottolaOn October 4, 2018, beleaguered Bonanno crime family associate Sylvestor (Sally Daz) Zottola sent a tender Happy Birthday text message to his grandson for his birthday that day: "Pop pop Love you so so much happy birthday," he wrote.

A few hours later, Sally Daz was shot five times and killed at a McDonald's drive thru restaurant in the Bronx. Now, proecutors are planning to use those endearing words as evidence at the murder-for-hire trial this month of his son Anthony and three members of the Bloods street gang who are charged with his gangland-style slaying, Gang Land has learned.

They'll also tell the jury what the murdered mob associate was discussing with his girlfriend as he drove to his execution that afternoon, prosecutors say in a court filing.

Venerable Brooklyn Judge Gives The Sally Daz Murder Trial To The New Judge On The Bench

Judge Raymond DearieIn a startling announcement two weeks before the start of trial, Senior Federal Judge Raymond Dearie has opted out of presiding over the Anthony Zottola murder-for-hire case.

Feds To Judge: No Compassion For Tommy Shots

Thomas GioeliThomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli wants to come home. The Colombo wiseguy is suffering from bladder cancer and a number of other ailments and is slated to be released from prison next Spring. The feds say that's soon enough, and when he should be released for his racketeering conviction stemming from several murders for which he was acquitted.



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