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February 2, 2023

This Week In Gang Land

The Feds Are Back For Another Round With Danny Fama, And This Time They Say He's A Made Guy

Gang Land Exclusive!Daniel FamaNearly nine years after he made history when the vaunted Manhattan U.S. Attorney's Office admitted it had wrongly charged him with killing a suspected informer and dismissed the bogus indictment, Daniel Fama is back in the sights of the FBI and the organized crime unit of the so-called Sovereign District of New York, Gang Land has learned.

That's with good reason, according to law enforcement officials. They say Fama is a convicted drug dealer and killer, and that two years after prosecutors dropped their faulty 2013 murder charge, he was inducted into the Gambino family. And in recent years, they say, he's been implicated in a money laundering scheme as part of a construction industry racketeering conspiracy by the crime family.

Fama, 58, is identified as a Gambino family soldier with ties to Mileta (Michael Michael) Miljanic, a Serbian-American gangster. An arrest complaint filed against Miljanic states that he owns a construction company, MDP Rebar Solutions LLC, that operates as a "shell company" and has funneled millions of dollars to members and associates of the Gambino family in recent years.

Flying Blind: Judge Says It's OK For Feds To Hide 'Sensitive' Evidence From Wiseguys Awaiting Trial

Judge Eric VitalianoIn Brooklyn Federal Court, prosecutors have added a set of obnoxious initials to their case against a pair of Genovese wiseguys. And while it is a pain in the neck to all involved, Gang Land readers need to become familiar with them because they might be coming your way soon.

Gangster Michael Michael And Feds Say Yes, Yes; We Have A Deal — For The Time Being

Mileta MiljanicMileta (Michael Michael) Miljanic, the 62-year-old reputed leader of a violent Serbian-American organized crime gang known as Grupo Amerika, has been sitting behind bars for two years, trying to resolve not one, but two indictments. Now it seems his waiting may finally be at an end: Miljanic and the feds have agreed to resolve indictment #2 with a plea deal to fraud charges involving a $154K Small Business Administration loan.


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