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August 4, 2022

This Week In Gang Land

Mikey Nose Eyes Allegations That Could Send Him Back Behind Bars, Not Retaliating Against His Ex-Acting Boss And His Biker Buddies

Gang Land Exclusive!Michael MancusoEmbattled Bonanno boss Michael (Mikey Nose) Mancuso may be forced to have his revenge served cold.

In one of the most bizarre beatdowns in Gang Land history, a gaggle of Mancuso's mobsters suffered a bloody defeat at the hands of crime family rivals and their biker buddies after the boss's crew tried to disrupt the wake last month of the father-in-law of a former Bonanno chief. And while Mikey Nose is likely itching to retaliate, sources and court filings say he is more interested in not disrupting his hopes for a sweet resolution of violation of supervised release (VOSR) charges he is currently facing.

A hearing scheduled for today was put off on Monday to enable his lawyers and the feds to iron out a plea deal for Mancuso who is accused of violating terms of his supervised release by having a series of meetings with Colombo mobsters in 2020 and 2021, according to a court filing. But that filing makes no mention of the dustup that Mikey Nose's loyalists sparked with former acting boss Joseph (Joe C) Cammarano at the Glen Cove, LI wake of mobster Vito Grimaldi that Gang Land told you about last week.

Before He Hired Thugs To Kill His Mob-Tied Dad, He Had Them Beat Up His Tenants

Anthony ZottolaThe feds say they have lots of texts linking Anthony Zottola to an 11-month-long murder-for-hire plot to kill his dad that began in November of 2017. But the close bond between Zottola and the accused Bloods leader whose gangsters killed his mob-linked father in 2018 began in August of 2017 when Zottola allegedly agreed to pay him to "beat up one of his tenants," Gang Land has learned.

New Jersey Stymies The Hated Waterfront Commission Despite A SCOTUS Ruling Stating It Can't

Governor Phil MurphyNew Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has adopted an age-old tactic to get rid of his waterfront watchdog: Do nothing.



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