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November 30, 2023

This Week In Gang Land

Skinny Teddy Hopes That Info From An FBI Canary Helps Him When He Faces The Music

Gang Land Exclusive!Theodore PersicoThe Colombo family hierarchy isn't happy that a renowned tenor who was a featured soloist at churches across the country, including St. Patrick's Cathedral, fingered them in a 20-year-long extortion scheme. But capo Theodore (Skinny Teddy) Persico hopes that the singer's cooperation is a boon for him when he faces the music for racketeering next month, Gang Land has learned.

That's because it was singer Andrew Koslosky, who was intimately involved in the family's shakedown of a Queens-based construction workers union, who corrected bogus FBI info that Persico was boss of the crime family. And it was Koslosky who also alerted prosecutors that Skinny Teddy was not a supervisor or manager "in the extortion scheme," according to a sentencing memo filed by Persico's attorney.

Not that Skinny Teddy had nothing to do with the scheme. Persico pleaded guilty to being part of the shakedown of Local 621 of the United Construction Trades and Industrial Employees Union. He is also considered by the feds to be the "heir apparent" boss to his late uncle, Carmine (Junior) Persico. But his attorney is seeking a prison term of less than 51 months behind bars, the low end of the sentencing guidelines for his crime.

The Genovese and Luchese Families Make The Big Time — Books By Andy

Genovese BookYou will have to wait a year to see Robert DeNiro as Vito Genovese and as Frank Costello in Alto Knights, the movie written by Nick Pileggi about the wiseguy legends. But you can whet your appetite and read everything you need to know about the duo in The Genovese Family, the book about the most powerful of the Five Families by our mob historian emeritus, Andy Petepiece.

Restaurateur Sez Octogenarian Wiseguy Assaulted Him To Collect 86K Gambling Debt

Bruno SelimajMore than six years after he withdrew a police report charging Genovese wiseguy Anthony (Rom) Romanello with assaulting him at his Upper West Side eatery, restaurateur Bruno Selimaj fingered him in court yesterday as the gangster who punched him in the face while trying to collect an $86,000 gambling debt that his relatives owed a Queens bookmaker.

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