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June 30, 2022

This Week In Gang Land

Fat Anthony Is In The Soup – Even Though Judge Blocked Feds From Using Telling Tape Recording In Luchese Loanshark Murder Trial

Gang Land Exclusive!Anthony PandrellaA month before the murder trial of Gambino gangster Anthony (Fat Anthony) Pandrella began in early June, the feds obtained a dramatically telling tape recording of a conversation between Pandrella and Luchese loanshark Vincent Zito, the old friend he was accused of killing in October 2018, Gang Land has learned.

The tape was secretly recorded by Zito's daughters while their father was convalescing in a hospital room. When they left the hospital room to get a bite to eat, they left a cell phone recorder running and it picked up a cryptic conversation that their dad and Pandrella had about "soup."

"You says you were supposed to give me soup yesterday or the day before," Zito is heard to angrily say on the tape. "Where the fuck am I getting soup from?" the hospital patient adds.

Snow Job: Florida Roofer Says Employment Letter Bonanno Turncoat Filed In Court Is Bogus

Gene BorrelloThe unsigned, undated letter offering Bonanno family turncoat-turned-podcaster Gene Borrello a job as a roofer in Florida to protect homes from rain and snow that was filed in Brooklyn Federal Court with his sentencing memo is a phony, says the man who runs the roofing firm.

As Trial Nears, Feds Find New Evidence Against The Big Cheese In The Lottery Winners Ripoff Case

Jason KurlandWhen the $80 Million Lottery Ripoff case jumps off next month, the government wants two of its key witnesses to talk about some Big Cheese: Namely, the kickbacks defendant Jason (Jay) Kurland allegedly received from investments that ripped-off  Lottery winners were persuaded to make in an aptly named lending company called Cheddar Capital.


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