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March 23, 2023

This Week In Gang Land

Geezer Gangsters Get A Sweet Opioid Deal: They Didn't Sell Them; They Gave Them Away

Elio AlbaneseGang Land Exclusive!Two aged and ailing Genovese mobsters arrested for the possession and sale of opioid pills, a charge carrying prison terms up to 25 years, have each gotten plea deals of 75 hours of community service, Gang Land has learned.

The reason: They didn't sell hundreds of their prescribed Oxycodone pain pills that they didn't use; they gave them away to someone else who needed them.

The septuagenarian wiseguys, a pair of down-on-their-luck ex-bank robbers who stole millions of dollars during their heyday, Elio (Chinatown) Albanese and Carmine (Baby Carmine) Russo, pleaded guilty to a felony drug conspiracy count last week. They each received a conditional discharge as part of a plea deal so sweet you'd think the Manhattan District Attorney's Office was having a post-Valentine's Day sale.

Forget About Bail; Skinny Teddy Needs An Acquittal To Get Out Of Jail

Therodore PersicoColombo crime family capo Theodore (Skinny Teddy) Persico is going to have to run the table at trial if he wants to get out of jail anytime soon.

Mikey Nose, The Feds, Chief Probation Officer, Set For Third Try To Settle His VOSR  

Robert CapersIt's taken eight weeks — not the 10 days the judge wanted — but Robert Capers, the Chief U.S. Department of Probation official in Brooklyn, is apparently ready to tell the Court why the government agreed to let Bonanno family boss Michael (Mikey Nose) Mancuso plead guilty to a lesser violation of supervised release (VOSR) than the one with which he was first charged.


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